Mini Mindfulness Exercises: What to do next time you wait at a redlight, or are stuck in traffic!

Welcome to today's mini mindfulness exercise! I'm glad you are here.

Everyday life situations can turn into great opportunities to practice mindfulness and loving kindness, or let me dare say, especially if you are super busy and short on time. 

Get inspired and see how you can do it, in today's mindfulness mini exercise: 

All too often we find ourselves waiting either at a red light, or stuck in traffic.

Today, I invite you to use these moments that can sometimes cause stress and anxiety as an opportunity to refocus, and become more peaceful, calm and relaxed. 

Here is the mindfulness secret sauce for rush hour traffic:

When you see yourself waiting in traffic, take a moment to notice your breath.

Take a deep breath in. Then, breathe out.

Let's get a little playful. Humor is always a great way to de-stress quickly:
Season and weather permitting inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. See if you can fog up the window! 

Can you feel it? You just rejuvenated your body and mind with extra oxygen. 

Now, look at the cars around you.  
Are they new, or older?
Big, or small?

What colors do you notice?

Can you see people in these cars?
How about sending some extra love to someone who might need it today by sending a smile into the world. How does that feel?

Now, see if you can spot a patch of grass, a tree, or flowers on the side of the road.

Notice their color and texture. 
Have they changed since the last time you drove by, here?

What kind of music would you want to hear when looking at those flowers or at the trees. 
Imagine listening to that music.

Take a deep breath in. 
Notice how you feel. 

It has been a honor guiding you through this mindful minute.
Thank yourself for the great work you just did practicing a moment of mindfulness, today. 

In the comment section below jot down your thoughts and anything that came up for you today. I always love to hear from you!

With warm regards,


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